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COVID 19 induced multi-organ dysfunction with Hyperkalemia

50-year-old male presents via EMS from a nursing home after becoming short of breath. The home was concerned because he…

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LVH and Wellens Angina

50 year old female with no reported/known medical history presents to the ED with hypoxia (SPO2 60%), respiratory distress, altered…

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The Lewis Lead

A 60 year old female presents to the ED with cc of chest pain and palpitations with associated shortness of…

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The Core of Cor Pulmonale

Clinical Case Study You are on ICU and called to the floor for respiratory distress, respiratory rate 50s, despite being…

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Chloroquine & Hydroxychloroquine Review

THE POWERFUL DRUG AKA CHLOROQUINE “It’s been around for a long time…and its very POWERFUL” – POTUS Current events Nature Article…

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EKG Stampede

ECG Stampede Homepage You've been given a series of EKG's. Decide which waits in the waiting room, which comes back…

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